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< 1 min ago
JAMuleriders gave the business to NCAA Football #1 with a score of 44!
NCAAF General
1 min ago
jmrod29 made a fool of NFL Alma Maters #2 with a score of 100!
1 min ago
CeeTee69 owned NFL #9 with a score of 65!
NFL General
2 mins ago
JAMuleriders mastered College Nicknames and Mascots 5 with a score of 90!
NCAA Football
2 mins ago
jrg0306 survived BCS National Championships with a score of 50!
NCAA Football
4 mins agoNCAA Football
4 mins ago
jrg0306 was grasping at straws in Super Bowl Venues and Locations with a score of 43!
Super Bowl
6 mins ago
davoice18 mastered NCAA Football #3 with a score of 53!
NCAAF General
7 mins ago
davoice18 aced NCAA Football #1 with a score of 63!
NCAAF General
8 mins ago
mcgriddle05 crashed and burned on NFL Draft with a score of 40!
11 mins ago
mcgriddle05 eeny meeny miny moed NFL Alma Maters #2 with a score of 81!
11 mins ago
anthonymassey3203 was beaten down by MLB No-Hitters with a score of 26!
MLB General
12 mins ago
GTECH2 was flying blind through Friday, January 27, 2012 with a score of 44!
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