Quiz Name Taken Released Avg Score Rating Popularity Category
New York Mets in the 1990s9/7/201025.64.4

New York Mets
Detroit Tigers in the 1990s9/4/201027.74.4

Detroit Tigers
Chicago White Sox in the 1990s9/9/201028.54.4

Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins in the 1990s9/4/201029.04.9

Minnesota Twins
Arizona Diamondbacks in the 1990s9/17/201029.04.0

Arizona Diamondbacks
Toronto Blue Jays in the 2000s9/14/201030.54.1

Toronto Blue Jays
Cleveland Indians in the 1990s9/4/201032.45.3

Cleveland Indians
MLB Uniforms (1869-2011)4/7/201133.55.2

Cleveland Indians in the 2000s9/4/201033.55.4

Cleveland Indians
Miami Marlins in the 2000s9/11/201034.25.3

Miami Marlins
Colorado Rockies in the 1990s9/15/201034.34.7

Colorado Rockies
MLB #910/18/201034.35.3

MLB General
Boston Red Sox in the 1990s9/6/201034.95.4

Boston Red Sox
Kansas City Royals in the 1990s9/4/201035.04.3

Kansas City Royals
Milwaukee Brewers in the 1990s9/17/201035.74.8

Milwaukee Brewers
Atlanta Braves in the 1990s9/12/201036.05.9

Atlanta Braves
San Francisco Giants in the 1990s8/28/201036.34.6

San Francisco Giants
Cincinnati Reds in the 2000s9/11/201036.36.0

Cincinnati Reds
Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2000s8/30/201036.45.1

Los Angeles Dodgers
Minnesota Twins in the 2000s9/4/201036.86.0

Minnesota Twins
MLB No-Hitters10/6/201036.85.6

MLB General
Toronto Blue Jays in the 1990s9/14/201037.15.0

Toronto Blue Jays
Kansas City Royals in the 2000s9/9/201037.25.0

Kansas City Royals
Los Angeles Dodgers in the 1990s8/30/201037.85.4

Los Angeles Dodgers
Philadelphia Phillies in the 2000s9/22/201038.16.0

Philadelphia Phillies
New York Yankees in the 1990s9/8/201038.35.7

New York Yankees
Boston Red Sox in the 2000s9/6/201038.56.2

Boston Red Sox
New York Yankees in the 2000s9/8/201038.55.8

New York Yankees
San Francisco Giants in the 2000s8/30/201038.85.3

San Francisco Giants
Detroit Tigers in the 2000s9/4/201039.26.0

Detroit Tigers

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