NBA Teams

  Quiz Name Taken Released Avg Score Rating Popularity Category
Golden State Warriors12/15/201042.95.6

Golden State Warriors
Sacramento Kings12/14/201048.45.4

Sacramento Kings
Toronto Raptors12/13/201048.75.5

Toronto Raptors
2013 San Antonio Spurs2/11/201350.14.9

San Antonio Spurs
San Antonio Spurs12/2/201052.46.3

San Antonio Spurs
Atlanta Hawks12/7/201052.55.7

Atlanta Hawks
Los Angeles Clippers12/14/201053.05.5

Los Angeles Clippers
Minnesota Timberwolves12/3/201053.95.8

Minnesota Timberwolves
Washington Wizards12/13/201055.05.7

Washington Wizards
Cleveland Cavaliers12/2/201055.65.7

Cleveland Cavaliers
Denver Nuggets12/7/201056.05.9

Denver Nuggets
Milwaukee Bucks12/10/201056.16.4

Milwaukee Bucks
2013 Miami Heat Streak3/28/201356.46.4

Miami Heat
Boston Celtics11/30/201057.56.9

Boston Celtics
Charlotte Bobcats12/6/201057.95.9

Charlotte Bobcats
Philadelphia 76ers12/9/201058.06.1

Philadelphia 76ers
Orlando Magic12/9/201058.06.1

Orlando Magic
New York Knicks12/6/201058.56.2

New York Knicks
Portland Trail Blazers12/14/201058.76.3

Portland Trail Blazers
Miami Heat12/1/201059.26.6

Miami Heat
Houston Rockets12/8/201060.36.4

Houston Rockets
Dallas Mavericks12/7/201060.35.8

Dallas Mavericks
Brooklyn Nets12/1/201061.56.3

New Jersey Nets
Indiana Pacers12/10/201061.76.3

Indiana Pacers
Oklahoma City Thunder2/19/201361.96.5

Oklahoma City Thunder
Los Angeles Lakers11/30/201062.16.6

Los Angeles Lakers
Detroit Pistons12/8/201062.86.3

Detroit Pistons
Memphis Grizzlies12/10/201063.16.5

Memphis Grizzlies
New Orleans Hornets12/3/201063.36.3

New Orleans Hornets
Phoenix Suns12/3/201065.16.6

Phoenix Suns

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