Quiz Name Taken Released Avg Score Rating Popularity Category
Kansas City Chiefs11/10/201067.17.3

Kansas City Chiefs
Michael Vick11/19/201066.87.3

NFL Players
Super Bowl MVP Winners: 2000s1/25/201166.57.3

Super Bowl
Madden Cover Boys8/21/201266.47.2

NFL Players
Denver Broncos11/19/201071.07.2

Denver Broncos
MNF Week 16 (2010): Saints at Falcons12/23/201070.57.2

Monday Night Football
MNF Week 10: Vikings at Packers11/9/201163.27.2

Monday Night Football
Baltimore Ravens11/15/201066.97.2

Baltimore Ravens
Cleveland Browns11/22/201065.37.2

Cleveland Browns
NFL Draft2/10/201166.17.1

San Diego Chargers11/16/201062.47.1

San Diego Chargers
NFL #79/24/201063.87.1

NFL General
MNF Week 3 (2010): Packers at Bears9/27/201063.77.1

Monday Night Football
NFL #2011/4/201063.57.1

NFL General
San Francisco 49ers11/12/201065.67.1

San Francisco 49ers
Philadelphia Eagles11/24/201060.77.1

Philadelphia Eagles
MNF Week 8 (2010): Texans at Colts11/1/201068.87.1

Monday Night Football
New York Jets11/9/201067.37.1

New York Jets
Washington Redskins11/29/201070.27.1

Washington Redskins
Super Bowl Losing Teams2/2/201162.17.1

Super Bowl
Super Bowl: 1990s1/27/201160.57.1

Super Bowl
New York Giants11/9/201065.37.0

New York Giants
NFL #19/24/201057.17.0

NFL General
Seattle Seahawks6/4/201261.17.0

Seattle Seahawks
MNF Week 14: Rams at Seahawks12/7/201165.37.0

Monday Night Football
NFL #109/24/201054.97.0

NFL General
Randy Moss10/6/201060.47.0

NFL Players
MNF Week 12: Giants at Saints11/23/201164.47.0

Monday Night Football
New England Patriots11/8/201061.97.0

New England Patriots
2012 NFL Regular Season Recap1/6/201356.87.0

NFL General

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