Rnk Entry Name Best Quiz (Score) Avg Score Played Points
1thefonz003 entrySuper Bowl XLVII Rewind (100)100.0151500
2151803Super Bowl XLVII Rewind (100)99.1151486
3TexasSunDevilsSuper Bowl XLVII Rewind (100)98.9151484
4CFanSuper Bowl XLVII Rewind (100)98.6151479
5Dumbassery entrySuper Bowl XLVII Rewind (100)98.3151475
6TheSwellest entrySuper Bowl XLVII Rewind (100)98.3151474
7Bagthatwasswell entrySuper Bowl XLVII Rewind (100)97.1151456
8BarryEllis1Super Bowl: 1990s (100)96.7151450
9MattyDaPimp entrySuper Bowl: Green Bay Packers (100)95.7151436
10Barry Ellis II entrySuper Bowl Moments (100)94.2151413
11mpdaly567 entrySuper Bowl Losing Teams (100)93.5151402
12mcm_61284 entrySuper Bowl XLVII Rewind (100)93.3151400
13The Hornet HiveSuper Bowl History Part 1 (100)99.9141398
14RanchoSantaMargaritaSuper Bowl History Part 1 (100)99.7141396
15texasterrapin entrySuper Bowl XLVII Rewind (100)92.4151386
15Someday, SomehowSuper Bowl History Part 1 (100)99.0141386
17LIVING STONESuper Bowl XLV Rewind (100)98.6141380
18PUT ME ON ESPN ALREADYSuper Bowl History Part 1 (100)98.4141378
19I Pick That OneSuper Bowl History Part 1 (100)98.1141373
20dewberry manorSuper Bowl History Part 1 (100)97.7141368
217323Matthew entrySuper Bowl XLVII Rewind (100)90.7151360
22mcm61284 entrySuper Bowl Moments (100)90.1151352
22MWA303235 entrySuper Bowl Records (99)90.1151352
2454Kodee entrySuper Bowl: 1970s (100)89.9151348
25jockandnerd entrySuper Bowl Coaches (100)89.8151347
25Sacrificial LambSuper Bowl History Part 1 (100)96.2141347
27MurfyLee2003 entrySuper Bowl XLVII Rewind (100)89.7151345
28bpeterso173 entrySuper Bowl XLVII Rewind (100)89.5151343
28CoachFace55 entrySuper Bowl XLV Rewind (100)89.5151343
30shannbrehm entrySuper Bowl Records (100)95.9141342
31cpvail28 entrySuper Bowl XLVII Rewind (99)89.4151341
32thebellakittia entrySuper Bowl: 2000s (100)95.4141336
33joshj1974 entrySuper Bowl: 1970s (100)95.4141335
34Barry Ellis ll 1981 entrySuper Bowl: 1990s (100)95.3141334
35mcm_0313 entrySuper Bowl XLVII Rewind (100)88.4151326
36colts5437 entrySuper Bowl XLV Rewind (99)94.6141325
37rosswildcat entrySuper Bowl XLV Rewind (100)87.9151319
38Kodee25 entrySuper Bowl XLVII Rewind (100)87.9151318
3910Glenn entrySuper Bowl: Green Bay Packers (100)87.7151315
40klc081012 entrySuper Bowl XLVII Rewind (100)87.3151310
41Cowboy1387 entrySuper Bowl XLV Rewind (98)86.7151301
42Too easy to misclick Super Bowl: Pittsburgh Steelers (100)99.9131299
42Bye ThenSuper Bowl: 1980s (100)99.9131299
42gephart sundevilsSuper Bowl XLV Rewind (100)99.9131299
45Wheres My Fans Super Bowl: 1970s (100)99.8131298
45boron bobcatSuper Bowl XLV Rewind (100)99.8131298
45Click Wrong and CrySuper Bowl Moments (100)99.8131298
48Reign of Dominance Super Bowl: Pittsburgh Steelers (100)99.8131297
49Me Cant Keep UpSuper Bowl: Green Bay Packers (100)99.7131296
49ME you cant win them all Super Bowl: 1990s (100)99.7131296
51Stop Trying to Win Super Bowl XLV Rewind (100)99.6131295
52John Bolas entrySuper Bowl Moments (99)86.1151292
52Bluedemon822 entrySuper Bowl Venues and Locations (100)86.1151292
54ARCFSuper Bowl XLVII Rewind (100)86.1151291
55TIMMAAAYYYYY entrySuper Bowl XLV Rewind (100)99.2131290
55Stormscream7116 entrySuper Bowl: Green Bay Packers (95)86.0151290
57eshawkeye entrySuper Bowl XLV Rewind (100)92.1141289
57Did I prove my point?Super Bowl: 2000s (100)99.2131289
57Ur Inferiority Amuses MeSuper Bowl Records (100)99.2131289
57Im dedicated ME Super Bowl: Green Bay Packers (100)99.2131289
57MESuper Bowl XLV Rewind (100)99.2131289
62ME is a LOSERSuper Bowl: 1980s (100)99.1131288
62cubdevils entrySuper Bowl XLV Rewind (100)99.1131288
64I Live for TriviaSuper Bowl XLV Rewind (100)98.8131285
64Miller3224 entrySuper Bowl XLV Rewind (100)98.8131285
6612dmill88 entrySuper Bowl XLV Rewind (100)98.8131284
66teddyheater20 entrySuper Bowl: Pittsburgh Steelers (100)98.8131284
68BC344Super Bowl XLVII Rewind (100)85.3151280
68franktr44 entrySuper Bowl XLVII Rewind (100)85.3151280
70golffan004 entrySuper Bowl XLV Rewind (100)98.2131276
71butts14 entrySuper Bowl: Pittsburgh Steelers (98)84.9151273
72jay_macdaddy87 entrySuper Bowl Moments (100)90.9141272
72derekg05 entrySuper Bowl: Green Bay Packers (100)90.9141272
74Hildy Knows the AnswersSuper Bowl MVP Winners: 2000s (98)84.7151271
75sharkman401 entrySuper Bowl: Green Bay Packers (99)84.7151270
76LAYNEE1 entrySuper Bowl XLV Rewind (97)84.6151269
77Bieniek24 entrySuper Bowl XLV Rewind (100)97.5131267
78josh072674 entrySuper Bowl XLVII Rewind (100)84.4151266
7983Kodee entrySuper Bowl: Green Bay Packers (100)84.3151264
80Hey ME why cheat?Super Bowl MVP Winners: 2000s (100)97.1131262
80Amill1928 entrySuper Bowl XLV Rewind (100)97.1131262
80greenandyellow88 entrySuper Bowl Losing Teams (99)84.1151262
83jkbobo23 entrySuper Bowl XLVII Rewind (100)84.1151261
83mikepatt615 entrySuper Bowl: 1990s (100)84.1151261
83phugate entrySuper Bowl: 1990s (100)97.0131261
86BARRYELLISII entrySuper Bowl: Green Bay Packers (100)96.9131260
87bbcduffdaddy2 entrySuper Bowl XLVII Rewind (99)83.8151257
87utexas21 entrySuper Bowl: 1980s (99)83.8151257
89Nygiants1986900711 entrySuper Bowl: Green Bay Packers (99)83.6151254
90stratosphereabot89 entrySuper Bowl: Pittsburgh Steelers (92)83.4151251
91GT Tyme entrySuper Bowl XLV Rewind (100)96.2131250
92kennethdube entrySuper Bowl XLVII Rewind (97)83.2151248
92fknajay entrySuper Bowl XLVII Rewind (100)83.2151248
92CSUHPAT entrySuper Bowl Moments (99)83.2151248
95TaylorOwls entrySuper Bowl XLV Rewind (99)83.0151245
95Jabe_100299 entrySuper Bowl Moments (99)83.0151245
97hannasdaddy entrySuper Bowl XLVII Rewind (100)82.9151244
98tischj1 entrySuper Bowl: Pittsburgh Steelers (98)88.8141243
99gargrivois entrySuper Bowl: Green Bay Packers (95)82.8151242
100thill entrySuper Bowl XLV Rewind (100)95.5131241
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