Rnk Entry Name Best Quiz (Score) Avg Score Played Points
11518032013: NHL Arenas (100)99.2585752
2CFanNHL Team Names (100)98.7585727
3thefonz003 entryNHL Team Names (100)96.7595703
4joshj1974 entry2013 Stanley Cup Finals (100)98.9575638
5dixandfamily entryNHL #6 (100)94.1595551
6Tank3145 entry2013 Stanley Cup Finals (100)92.5595457
7nayneandfamily entryNHL All-Star Game (100)92.9585389
8hayesandfamily entryAtlanta Thrashers (100)92.3585351
9TRIVIA MASTERNHL Team Names (100)91.9585333
10tateandfamily entryNHL All-Star Game (100)91.4585304
11royerandfamily entryNHL #6 (100)89.8585206
12yaakfontaine entryNHL Team Names (100)87.6595166
13mcinroyhockey entryNew York Islanders (100)100.0515099
14The Hornet HiveDetroit Red Wings in the 1990s (100)100.0515098
15parkerpuck entryNew York Islanders (100)99.8515088
16robertshockey entryNew York Islanders (100)99.7515087
17mcdonaldandfamily entryNew Jersey Devils (100)96.0535086
18dewberry manorDetroit Red Wings in the 1990s (100)99.6515079
19jsmithpuck entryNew York Islanders (100)99.5515076
20williamspuck entryFlorida Panthers (100)99.5515074
21Someday, SomehowNHL Expansion and Relocation (100)99.4515070
21gtm56 entryNew York Islanders (100)99.4515070
23robertsj01 entryToronto Maple Leafs (100)99.3515064
24jayjay532 entryNew York Islanders (100)99.1515055
25clementssports entryNew York Islanders (100)99.1515053
26Did I prove my point?NHL Expansion and Relocation (100)99.0515050
27jase32 entryNew York Islanders (100)98.8515038
28jasenhockey entryFlorida Panthers (100)98.7515034
29Too easy to misclick Detroit Red Wings in the 1990s (100)98.7515032
30Ur Inferiority Amuses MeDetroit Red Wings in the 1990s (100)98.6515031
31Wheres My Fans NHL Expansion and Relocation (100)98.6515028
32gusaford005 entryToronto Maple Leafs (100)98.5515026
33RanchoSantaMargaritaNHL Expansion and Relocation (100)98.5515021
34Bye ThenDetroit Red Wings in the 1990s (100)98.4515017
35Stop Trying to Win Detroit Red Wings in the 1990s (100)98.1515001
36Reign of Dominance Detroit Red Wings in the 1990s (100)98.0515000
37jayhockey5 entryNew York Islanders (100)97.6514977
38faustandfamily entryNHL #7 (100)85.8584974
39jaysonhockey5 entrySan Jose Sharks (100)97.4514969
40ronandfamily entryFlorida Panthers (100)96.8514935
41jayy061 entryToronto Maple Leafs (100)98.6504928
42Me Cant Keep UpNHL Expansion and Relocation (100)96.4514916
43Im dedicated ME Detroit Red Wings in the 1990s (100)96.2514908
44mojo1267 entryNHL Team Names (100)83.1594902
45bort2013: NHL Arenas (100)83.0594897
46jassenr5 entryToronto Maple Leafs (100)95.8514887
47darz70 entryNHL Team Names (100)82.6594872
48klc081012 entry2013: NHL Arenas (100)83.9584868
49I Pick That OneDetroit Red Wings in the 1990s (100)97.2504861
50BC3442013: NHL Arenas (100)83.2584826
51ME you cant win them all Detroit Red Wings in the 1990s (100)94.5514819
52oldtimehockey90s entryToronto Maple Leafs (100)96.2504809
53hojo51 entryNHL Team Names (100)81.5594806
54ME is a LOSERNHL Expansion and Relocation (100)94.0514795
5479sportsfan entryNHL #7 (100)94.0514795
56mccoolandfamily entryCalgary Flames (100)93.6514773
57darrensportsfan entryBoston Bruins (100)93.4514762
58puckfan05 entryEdmonton Oilers (100)92.5514720
59ARCFMartin Brodeur (100)80.8584685
60deshillfamily entryOttawa Senators (100)97.6484684
61Dumbassery entryNHL Team Names (100)80.2584651
61Candangler10 entryNHL Expansion and Relocation (100)78.8594651
63etown-83 entryNHL Team Names (100)79.7584624
64MichaelM1788 entry2013: NHL Arenas (99)79.5584612
65mike.mihalich06220221 entry2013 General NHL (99)78.6584561
66Hey ME why cheat?NHL Expansion and Relocation (100)89.3514554
67ephraimhome entryNHL Team Names (99)77.1594549
68jthalhe2 entryNHL Team Names (100)76.9594540
69Orthoped1 entryNHL Team Names (100)76.9594539
70TheSwellest entryNHL Team Names (100)78.1584530
71jgusta21 entryNHL Team Names (100)76.7594528
72cneale9185 entryNHL Team Names (100)77.7584505
73Slapshot 7Detroit Red Wings in the 1990s (100)91.8494499
74Kohanim entryNew Jersey Devils (100)81.6554489
75hockeyfantyler entryNHL Expansion and Relocation (100)87.5514465
76Jets4219 entryNHL Team Names (100)75.4594450
77GGollnick entryNHL Team Names (100)75.0594427
78bynxplayer entry2013 Stanley Cup Finals (100)76.3584424
79sim_wpg entry2013: NHL Arenas (100)74.9594421
80WhalerPete87 entryNHL Team Names (100)75.9584401
81fortyniner8123 entryNHL '11 Season Review (100)77.0574391
82660summit entry2013: NHL Arenas (100)74.4594388
83Bagthatwasswell entryNHL Team Names (100)75.2584362
84Eric6540 entryNHL Team Names (100)73.7594348
8514sharma entryNHL Team Names (99)73.7594346
86sportsfan90s entryVancouver Canucks (100)85.1514341
87Seattle Slews TriviaAtlanta Thrashers (100)76.1574335
88ME is a FRAUD NHL Career Records (100)85.0514333
89gobolts510 entry2013: NHL Arenas (100)76.0574331
906kulemin41 entryNHL Team Names (100)73.4594328
91BissDog entry2013 Stanley Cup Finals (100)73.0594309
92Hockey Fan entryNHL Team Names (100)72.9594303
934670Rob entry2013: NHL Arenas (100)72.9594302
94ROSCOFLATTSNHL Team Names (100)73.8584282
95THIS IS HARDChicago Blackhawks (100)85.5504274
96sharazim entryNHL Team Names (100)73.6584269
97botomlne11178 entryNHL Team Names (100)72.2594260
98Baron Von Shagwell entryNHL Team Names (100)72.0594250
99rcm18 entryNHL Team Names (100)72.0594246
99timbo_044 entry2013: NHL Arenas (100)72.0594246
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