NHL Teams

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NHL Team Names3/14/201394.98.2

NHL Teams
Philadelphia Flyers12/24/201041.25.4

Philadelphia Flyers
Chicago Blackhawks12/16/201053.06.5

Chicago Blackhawks
Washington Capitals12/17/201048.65.2

Washington Capitals
Colorado Avalanche12/20/201051.65.7

Colorado Avalanche
Montreal Canadiens12/17/201052.75.9

Montreal Canadiens
Los Angeles Kings12/29/201048.65.6

Los Angeles Kings
Buffalo Sabres12/21/201050.55.9

Buffalo Sabres
Carolina Hurricanes12/21/201041.15.4

Carolina Hurricanes
Winnipeg Jets3/5/201349.26.1

NHL Teams
Detroit Red Wings12/15/201059.66.8

Detroit Red Wings
Boston Bruins12/16/201047.45.8

Boston Bruins
San Jose Sharks12/24/201041.35.4

San Jose Sharks
Tampa Bay Lightning12/23/201042.35.3

NHL Teams
Florida Panthers12/31/201039.75.2

Florida Panthers
Vancouver Canucks12/31/201044.34.9

Vancouver Canucks
St. Louis Blues12/30/201049.95.6

St. Louis Blues
Toronto Maple Leafs12/30/201046.75.6

Toronto Maple Leafs
New York Rangers12/16/201053.65.8

New York Rangers
New York Islanders12/31/201045.35.0

New York Islanders
Phoenix Coyotes12/23/201035.14.8

Phoenix Coyotes
Ottawa Senators12/23/201043.55.0

Ottawa Senators
Anaheim Ducks12/28/201038.15.1

Anaheim Ducks
Atlanta Thrashers12/28/201039.94.9

Atlanta Thrashers
Dallas Stars12/28/201045.35.8

Dallas Stars
Edmonton Oilers12/22/201042.85.3

Edmonton Oilers
Nashville Predators12/22/201041.24.9

Nashville Predators
Calgary Flames12/21/201040.15.0

Calgary Flames
Columbus Blue Jackets12/24/201039.04.7

Columbus Blue Jackets
Minnesota Wild12/29/201042.25.4

Minnesota Wild

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