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Take Your Pick

By Fantasy Staff

Can the Netherlands make it two straight World Cup finals?

Yes, every game matters at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. But our World Soccer Pick 'em game takes that mantra to a different level. Indeed, every contest you correctly predict in the game earns you points, and the more points you get, the closer you'll get to winning the grand prize.

And just as the games become more important once you get into the knockout round, the point totals the further you get into the tournament. You'll get a shot a redemption if you didn't do well in the group stage, as the points increase as the tournament progresses. And unlike our bracket game, you'll be making picks as the tournament goes on and new matchups are set.

The scoring is pretty simple. A correct pick is scored accordingly:

  • Group stage: 1 point per correct pick (48 matches = 48 total points up for grabs)
  • Round of 16: 2 points per correct pick (8 matches = 16 total points)
  • Quarterfinals: 4 points per correct pick (4 matches = 16 total points)
  • Semifinals: 8 points per correct pick (2 matches = 16 total points)
  • Third-place game: 8 points per correct pick (1 match = 8 total points)
  • Final: 16 points per correct pick (1 match = 16 total points)

Overall, there will be 64 matches played for a maximum point total of 120. How close can you get to reaching that number?

So sign up now, and even fill in your early picks for the group stage. Then follow along the action on the ESPN family of networks, WatchESPN and, and come back to make your picks as all the fun in Brazil rolls along. Best of luck and happy picking!

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